Alaskan Leader Seafoods  ready-made cod meals

March 11, 2013


ALS Alaska Cod Easy Gourmet

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Alaska cod goes easy gourmet. Hear more after this . . .Alaskan Cod Lemon Pepper Pouch


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Cooking cod has never been so easy. Thanks to Alaskan Leader Seafoods in Seattle, and their Alaska fleet of hook and line catcher processors. Their new frozen cod fillet meals are easy, convenient and loaded with flavor.

“ It’s an oven ready product that we are producing, straight out of the raw material that we are getting out of the Bering Sea from our hook and line fishery.

Keith Singleton is the vice president of marketing for Alaskan Leader Seafoods. He says that their product will take the guess work out of making a meal.

“ You know if you think about what it takes to make a sauce. First of all you have to conjure up what you want. What would possibly go into a garlic pesto sauce, well it is difficult to think that through unless you’re a seasoned veteran chef, so we make it vary easy.”

The wild, natural, and sustainable cod fillets come in a variety of flavor, from a Thai curry to a Tuscan, and a chipolte lime fish taco. And that is only naming a few.

“We just take all the fuss out of it. Our product is unique, you take it right from the freezer and stick it right in the oven for 35 minutes and you have a dinner for four, and it’s an Alaskan product. It’s the first time it’s ever been done. It’s beautiful.”

The headed and gutted cod fish is fresh from the ocean and than sent to ALS’s processing plant at pier 91down town Seattle.

“We are very proud of this. It’s a big deal for an Alaska company. We are partnered up with Dupont corporation  and Multi -Vac, and we are doing this as a partnership, and we are rolling it out. We are the first US company that they have chosen to put seafood into one of their packaging pouches.”

Giving it the Made in America seal of approval.

“Blazing your packaging with Made in Alaska, or product of Alaska or product of the USA, is a big deal right now. It’s definitely on the forefront of peoples thoughts when they are shopping as well as sustain ability.”

ALS took their product to the Boston Seafood Show over the weekend. The Alaskan cod fillets are already making waves with buyers.  Singleton hopes for it to be in stores within the coming months.

“Our success is the fisherman’s success. If we do well, we can get the prices up and it will help the fishermen at the dock.”


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