February 29, 2016
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A fishy baby food that is favored by all ages. More after this…
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Bambino’s Baby Food Hali Halibut frozen prepared meals, took home the grand prize at the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundations seafood competition- The Symphony of Seafood.  The pureed meal was such a hit it also won 1st place in the retail category and got two out of three for the people’s choice votes. Now not only has it got the little consumer’s approval but adults too.
“We served it in little martini glasses for presentation. It was really quite lovely.”
Founder and CEO Zoi Maroudas-
“For the adults that were a little bit hesitant when they noticed it was a baby food, I told them it was like halibut bisque, minus the sea salt”
The proof is in the votes. Bambinos baby food isn’t only packed with flavor but with more nutrition than one toddler would get eating seven jars of the mainstream baby foods that you would buy at the grocery store.
“It’s really difficult to manage flavor and the quality of the ingredients. Most brands are all shelf stable and they have to be heated up at very high boiling points, which then the natural nutrients are automatically depleted. And then the flavor is not so exciting.”
Zoi said she made a product from real food that is simple and delicious.
“When a child eats a French fry or something that is salty sweet, they automatically lunge for it. So with our baby food they thought was, if you make it taste good and you mimic the natural salty sweetness by the combination of ingredients, you keep the child eating the food naturally because they love it, but then you also develop a healthier pallet for them for life.”
The vegetables are all organically grown in Alaska. And the halibut and salmon are of course is wild and sustainable seafood. The packages come frozen with 4 to 5 star shaped portions; making it easy and convenient to feed a child a nutritious meal in minutes.
“There is a significant part of the market who are making baby food at home now. And we think why is that? And it’s because they are going back to roots. They want to make that balanced meal. They want freshness. And that is how we are delivering with frozen baby food instead of shelf stable products.”  
Maroudas baby food also aids in allergy prevention. Learn more atwww.bambinosbabyfood.com and find links at our website www.alaskafishradio.com
Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods – who salutes and says thanks to the men and women fishing across Alaska for their hard work and dedication. (www.oceanbeauty.com) In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.