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November 30, 2012

 Fish prices for 50 species by region, 2011

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – What fetches the highest and lowest fish prices in Alaska? I’ll tell you more after this —

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 The first thing fishermen want to know is the base price for their fish, but sometimes it can be tough to come by.   There is a place to find out how fish prices are tracking. The state Dept. of Revenue’s Tax Division compiles prices for every kind of fish and shellfish caught by Alaska fishermen by region. The prices are not in-season; they show a snapshot of the previous year.  

 Here’s a sampler from 50 species caught in 2011, not including salmon — Alaska halibut went from a low of $6.37 a pound in the Bering Sea, to a high of $6.96 in the Ketchikan/Craig area.  The Highest price for sablefish was $8.28 at Petersburg/Wrangell to a low of $7.40 at Kodiak.  Octopus fetched 63 cents at Kodiak  and 7 cents a pound for squid. … Gray cod got the lowest price at just 11-cents a pound at Petersburg/Wrangell to a high of 58-cents at Juneau/Yakutat. 

 Lingcod went for a low of 41 cents at Kodiak up to $1.98 at Sitka/Pelican. That’s a 97-cent increase from the previous year … Alaska pollock averaged 17 cents at Dutch and Kodiak … Of the  13 different types of rockfish listed, yellow eye, or red snapper, paid fishermen the most at $1.60 per pound at Sitka/Pelican. The low was a nickel for northern rockfish in the Bering Sea. Big skates fetched 44 cents at Kodiak …Sea cucumbers paid $6.21 at Ketchikan/Craig, up nearly $4 a pound.  … For crab – Kodiak paid the most for Dungeness at $2.39; it was $2.24 at Petersburg/Wrangell. Kodiak also paid the most for Tanner crab at $3.04. Snow crab at Dutch Harbor averaged and $2.71 for snow crab, up from 1.34

 The priciest Alaska seafood in 2011?   Bristol Bay red king crab price at  a whopping $10.80 a pound, a 30% increase.    Geoduck clams were next at $10.43 at Ketchikan up nearly $4. 

The lowest valued Alaska species were rex sole and sculpin both fetching 2 pennies per pound.

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