July 23, 2014


Add Subtract Halibut


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini – Two halibut + one equals… How it all adds up in the classroom after this…


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Teachers can put math and science skills to the test using Pacific halibut as the subject. The four part curriculum is offered by the International Pacific Halibut Commission, which oversees stocks for the west coast, British Columbia and Alaska. Program manager Heather Gilroy says students play various roles that range from the ocean to management offices.

“We look at the ocean ecosystem – there are four lessons – students are asked to think of the ocean ecosystem and be an organism, they’re asked to be an industry person, a biologist and a manager.”


The halibut program, complete with colorful Power Points, integrates math, economics, technology, geography and civics. Lesson plans are geared to fifth through eighth graders, but can be adapted for high school. Gilroy says test trials got good reviews, and she’s hopeful it will be picked up by more teachers, in and beyond Alaska.


“We tested in Seward and with teachers from around the country also. We don’t know for sure if people have used it, but it’s so new it probably hasn’t been incorporated widely.”


Find the free halibut program for teachers at the IPHC website in the Library section, and check out the Flat or Fiction kids book.     http://www.iphc.int/library.html


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