AK Fish Board begins its meeting cycle with a work session in October.


The state Board of Fisheries is lining up the agenda for its December through March meeting cycle that will focus on regulation changes at Prince William Sound, the upper Copper and Susitna Rivers and Yakutat, along with Dungeness crab, shrimp and miscellaneous shellfish issues.

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The seven member board oversees the rules in state waters for subsistence commercial, personal use and sport fish fisheries every three years by region.

“When those proposals come in April we might get 200-400 proposals dealing with those subjects, but they are missing other areas.  So they have to break it up for workload purposes but that doesn’t mean that things don’t happen out there that are urgent situations that come up and need to be addressed sooner than three years from now.”

Glenn Haight is Fish Board executive director.

The Board has 227 proposals on its docket so far and also will consider proposals from other regions at an October work session in Anchorage.

Usually up to 25 so called agenda change requests are submitted, although just a handful are usually accepted. Haight says they must conform to strict criteria –

“The first one is that it’s not going to be something they are looking at this year, also the BOF will accept an ACR only for a fishery conservation purpose or reason, to correct an error in regulation or to correct an effect on a fishery that was unforeseen when a regulation was adopted. “

August 17 is the deadline to submit agenda change requests.

They will be considered at an  October 17-19 work session in Anchorage.  No regulations are passed nor are public comments taken at that time, although written comments may be submitted.

A special consideration for the last day of the work session, Haight said, is a Kodiak/Cook Inlet sockeye salmon genetic study.

Also to be discussed – a  delisting stocks of concern and how you go about that and is there a need for process.

Comments may be faxed or mailed to ADF&G Boards Support Section in Juneau or via email.   (dfg.bof.comments@alaska.gov)