Alaska seafood free from radiation!  Credit:

Alaska seafood free from radiation!

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July 1, 2014                                   

 Seafood free of radiation, AK testing ramped up for salmon season

This is Fish radio. I’m Laine Welch – Alaska fish gets a clean bill of health. More on ramped up radiation testing after this —

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Ramped up testing this summer shows Alaska fish is free of all signs of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown three years ago. State veterinarian Bob Gerlach –

 The results of the testing of the Alaska fish that were just collected look very good. There is no detection of any radiation that would have originated from Fukushima. That was very good news. 

From the beginning State and federal agencies have partnered to test and track Alaska seafood for radiation. Concerns over contaminants that showed up recently in salmon and tuna caught off the Pacific coast prompted them to do more Alaska-specific testing ahead of and during salmon season.

 The state has worked with the state dept of health and DEC to develop a sampling plan and the idea was to select certain species of fish from the Aleutian islands and Bristol bay, gulf of Alaska  and Southeast and we will be collecting additional samples through the summer from other species of fish to try and get background information to see. But at this point we haven’t been able to detect anything at all – all the samples have come up as ‘non-detects.’ 4

Oceanographers predicted that radiation from Fukushima was expected to hit Alaska waters this year.

 When the radiation was released from Fukushima it should have hit this general area in 2014 and that’s why the collection was set for this year. Because fish come in at different time periods we were collecting early as possible when the fishery started and will continue to the end of the season.  

The good news follows similar reports to the Alaska legislature earlier this year.

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