There’s lots of spring fishing going on all across Alaska. As always, catches of pollock, cod, and a big mix of other whitefish are still coming in from the Gulf and Bering Sea.

Kodiak’s roe herring fishery kicked off on April 1 with a nearly 1,500 ton harvest limit. About 8 boats are out on the water amid reports of lots of good looking fish.

Kodiak also will get a Dungeness crab opener on May 1.

Bering Sea crabbers have taken about 90 percent of their 30.6 million pound snow crab quota.

At Prince William Sound, 93 boats signed up for the shrimp pot fishery from April 15 through the 26th. That catch of big spot shrimp is set at just over 68,000 pounds.

A sablefish fishery for 167,000 pounds also opens in the Sound on April 15 for 56 permit holders.

Alaska halibut landings were nearing 630,000 pounds and sablefish catches topped 2.3 million.

There’s some rare good news for Chinook salmon in Southeast.

Winter troll catches drive the summer numbers and a slight boost through March 15 means the summer harvest will top 201,100 kings for all users – that’s 65,000 more Chinook than last year.

The state Board of Fisheries has extended the proposal deadline for its upcoming meeting cycle from April 10 to April 24.

Proposals should address management changes for fisheries at Southeast, Yakutat, Prince William Sound and statewide supplemental issues.

Finally, Governor Dunleavy has made two new appointments to the Fish Board. No bios were given but a search shows that:

ABE WILLIAMS of Anchorage is a Bristol Bay salmon fisherman and current director of Regional Affairs for the Pebble Mine Partnership.

Also, named to the Fish Board – McKenzie Mitchell, a hunting and fishing guide based at Fairbanks International Airport.

The governor also reappointed John Jensen of Petersburg. All must be approved by the Legislature.