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Fish updates, IPHC calls for 2 US seats, new director
June 5, 2015

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Openers for salmon and other fisheries across the state and a call for two US halibut commissioners. More after this –

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 Salmon fisheries are opening all this month from one end of Alaska to the other. Total catches so far of primarily sockeye, are under one million fish, but will add up fast from here on. A total haul for all Alaska salmon this year is pegged at 221 million fish.

 A highlight so far is a 40 percent increase in troll action at Southeast where nearly 300 fishermen are targeting king salmon. That’s likely due to a boosted price averaging $7.54 a pound, up $1.88 from last year.

 Speaking of high prices – Alaska halibut fishermen are fetching well over $6 a pound for their catches, which are nearing the half way mark.   They have 10 million pounds left in the 17.4 million pound catch limit.   Kodiak is in the lead for halibut landings, followed closely by Seward and Homer, which has yet to top one million pounds. Likewise, sablefish, or black cod, is nearing the half way point and paying out more than $7 a pound for larger sizes and over $6 for medium weights. That quota is 23.5 million pounds.

 Southeast’s Dungeness fishery opens on June 15th at 8am, a new starting time. Crabbers are hoping the price will match last year’s $2.95 a pound for the two pound crabs, bringing the dockside value to $15 million for 192 fishermen.

 In the Gulf and Bering Sea, fishing continues for cod and other groundfish. Pollock is closed until late August. Bering Sea crabbers wrapped up the 61 million pound snow crab fishery and are still tapping away at the 15 million pound Tanner crab quota.

 A red king crab fishery will open at Norton Sound on June 15th with a catch of 394,000 pounds.

 Herring fishing is still going on around Kodiak and fisheries will continue up the coast to Port Clarence.

Nominations for two US seats on the International Pacific Halibut Commission end this week. Seats are held now by Don Lane of Homer and Bob Alverson of Seattle. A search is also on for a new executive director. Deadline to apply is July 1.

Finally, the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association in Sitka received a grant of almost half a million dollars to test out electronic monitoring systems on up to 120 small vessels. ALFA was one of 5 US grant recipients.

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