Sablefish/Black Cod Credit:  adf&g

Sablefish/Black Cod
Credit: adf&g

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Halibut, sablefish prices increase

May 1, 2014                                                                                                               

Halibut, sablefish prices increase

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — Big price increases for halibut and black cod –

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 Halibut prices are up by more than a dollar a pound compared to the same time last year. Fresh fish have been moving smoothly and demand is steady, said one major buyer at Kodiak. Dock prices at Kodiak were reported at $6 for ten to 20 pounders, $6.25 for halibut at 20 to 40 pounds, and $6.50 for 40 ups.

 The high prices could be due to less fish crossing the docks. Just over 3.5 million pounds has been landed statewide since the halibut fishery opened March 8.

 That was the call at Homer where halibut prices have yet to drop below six bucks a pound. The most recent prices there were at $6.50 to $7.00 for very small loads.

 Halibut dock prices also had not dropped below six bucks a pound at Southeast Alaska. After reaching a high of $6.75 at Easter, recent Panhandle prices are $6.60 – $6.40 and $6.10. The fresh fish is being flown out and distributed in small lots to markets all over the US. Southeast is reporting strong halibut catches and lots of nice fish.

Alaska’s total halibut catch this year is close to 16 million pounds.

 Likewise, sablefish, or black cod, prices also have increased nicely from last year, when holdovers in freezers pushed down prices by 40% to the $5 to $3 per pound range, depending on size.

The cupboards are bare this year and demand is strong, say processors.   Black cod is usually priced in five weights – at Kodiak  the break out was $6.75 – $5.75 – $5.00 -$4.50 and $4.00 for fish under three pounds.  

 Homer black cod prices were running between $4 and $7 a pound and big loads were set to be coming into Seward. At Southeast, black cod prices were reported at $5.30 to $7 a pound at the docks. Alaska’s sablefish catch this year is about 24 million pounds.


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