Alaska Lt. Gov to decide today on ballot petition to put a set-net ban in Upper Cook inlet
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM]  Jan 6, 2014                   Setnetting in Cook Inlet Credit:

Today is the deadline for the Lt. Governor to certify whether a ballot initiative by some radical sport fishing groups to ban set nets in “urban” areas is legal.
If the initiative is allowed to go forward, there will undoubtedly be lawsuits, as both the commercial sector and many sports fishing groups in Kenai think it violates the Alaska constitution.
In a letter to the Lieutenant Governor, the Alaska Salmon Alliance says, first, the language of the ballot initiative contains factual errors; second, it represents an unconstitutional allocation of resources that overrides the existing resource allocation laws in Alaska, and third, that the ballot measure would lead to the loss of 500 fishing jobs and the end of numerous small salmon fishing businesses on Cook Inlet.
The Governor’s office will be issuing a press statement later today