Federal relief funds stemming from the 2016 pink salmon disaster are almost in hand for Alaskans hurt by a run failure that was the worst in several decades.  The humpy no show was felt hardest at the largest pink producing regions – Prince William Sound, Kodiak, Southeast and other communities throughout the Gulf of Alaska.

 At Governor Walker’s request, the fishery was declared a disaster and Congress appropriated $56.3 million for Alaska fishermen, processors and communities. Now, the state wants to hear how the relief funds should be distributed.

Alaska and NOAA Fisheries have developed a draft spending plan for the funds in four categories:   research, municipalities, fishery participants and processors.

 For research, the suggested payout is $4.18 million.

 For municipalities, $2.43 million is set aside for their coastal communities that would have gotten 1.5 percent of the landed value of the foregone catch.

 Processors would get $17.7 million for lost wages as a result of the pink salmon bust.

Alaska fishermen would get the biggest chunk at $32 million. It would be distributed using a calculation that will restore lost dockside value equal to 82.5 percent of their five even year averages.

 Comments on distributing the disaster funds have been extended to September 18.

Visit the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game home page on the web for more details.