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April 10, 2014               

Salmon seiner Credit:  ASMI

Salmon seiner
Credit: ASMI

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — A much smaller salmon catch is expected this year.  More after this –

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Alaska’s total salmon catch for this year is projected to be down by almost half of the 2013 haul.  State fishery managers are calling for an  all species harvest of just under 133 million salmon, down about 47% from last year’s record haul of 283 million fish.  Pink salmon drove the record last year and it’s pinks that will bring down the numbers. This year the pink catch is pegged at about 75 million, a 67% decrease from last summer’s take of 226 million humpies. Other projected catches call for a 14% bump up in sockeyes to nearly 34 million; 4.4 million coho salmon, and nearly 20 million chums. A total catch of 79-thousand Chinook salmon is projected in areas outside of Southeast and Bristol Bay.

 Some highlights of the  2013 season show  that a record pink harvest gave Southeast Alaska its largest salmon haul – 112 million — since 1962.  A dockside value of $238 million was the highest since 1985.

 Prince William Sound’s salmon harvest came in just under 100 million fish – all but about 7 million were pink salmon. 

 At Upper Cook Inlet, the catch of 3.1 million salmon was down 23% from the 10 year average, but high sockeye prices pushed the value to $39 million, the second highest in a decade.

 The Bristol Bay 2013 harvest of all salmon species was 16.4 million, with a preliminary dock  value of $141 million,   26% above the 20-year average.   

 A total of 469 permit holders went fishing at the Kuskokwim region last summer and got about$2.4 million at the docks.

 For the 6th year there was no Chinook fishing on the Yukon. Many of the  467   fishermen successfully targeted chums with dipnets for a total fishery value of   $3.5 million.

 At Kodiak, effort was down a bit with 335 fishermen making salmon landings. The estimated exvessel value of the 2013 fishery was approximately $59.3 million,   the highest since 1995.  Seiners   accounted for 94 % of the total harvest with earnings averaging  $304,105 per permit.

 See the full report at the Fish and Game website and  learn more next week at ComFish –

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