Salmon seiner      Credit: ASMI


Alaska’s statewide salmon catch has passed two important benchmarks over the past week – breaking the 100 million salmon mark, and a continued push of pinks on its way to 53 million fish.

About three-quarters of the pink salmon landings have come from Prince William Sound at 21 million and Kodiak at nearly 20 million – that’s almost 60 percent more pinks than expected for Kodiak fishermen.

Cook Inlet’s catch of 2.7 million humpies is that region’s only good catch this summer. Fewer than six million pinks have been landed at Southeast, down by half of the forecast.

Nearly 220,000 sockeye were landed last week with 90 percent coming from Kodiak and the AK Peninsula & Aleutians region. Alaska’s total sockeye catch so far is at 45 million reds.

Chums continue to be the biggest bust with total catches barely topping 5.3 million fish. That’s roughly one quarter of the total projection for the season. Fewer than two million chums have been caught at Southeast.

At Alaska’s farthest north chum fishery at Kotzebue, buyers are packing it up due to the lowest harvest in well over a decade of just 144,000 chums.

Alaska’s coho harvest has just topped one million, thanks to nearly 200,000 silvers crossing the docks over the last week.

Still, the coho catch is off by nearly 60 percent of the five year average but there’s at least another five weeks or so to go.

Chinook landings of less than 200,000 are off by more than 30 percent from last year.

 Finally, the last day to comment on whether the October Board of Fisheries meeting should be done virtually, in person, or postponed is August 31.

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Our salmon updates are compiled by the McDowell Group for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.