A strong catch of more than 9 million pink salmon taken over just a few days through this week has pushed Alaska’s total salmon landings to nearly 188 million fish – that’s 88 percent of the preseason statewide forecast of 213 million salmon for the 2019 season.

For pink salmon, a total harvest so far of nearly 29 million humpies at Kodiak has exceeded the forecast there, and more than 45 million pinks have been landed at Prince William Sound. Last week fishermen at Southeast Alaska also finally got some good fishing and pink catches topped 19 million, beating expectations.

Those three regions combined to push the Alaska pink salmon catch to over 116 million, 84 percent of the nearly 138 million preseason projection.

Chum salmon catches of just over 14 million are less than halfway to the record 29 million that were expected this summer.

Chum takes at Prince William Sound, the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutians have topped their forecasts but it’s bleak elsewhere. At Southeast, chum landings of just 4.7 million are down by 40 percent from last year and just 25 percent of the expected harvest.

There’s about a month of productive fishing remaining for coho salmon and the catch so far of 2.3 million is half of the forecasted harvest. All regions continue to yield modest volumes.

Southeast is typically the largest producer of cohos but it’s slow going there at about 800,000 silver, more than 20 percent off last year’s pace.

Chinook salmon catches of 250,000 have met the preseason forecast, with the bulk of the kings coming from Southeast.

Our weekly salmon updates come from ADF&G’s blue sheet and the McDowell Group for ASMI.