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April 16, 2014                                                                    

Salmon permit values increase Credit:

Salmon permit values increase

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Values of fishing permits and IFQs are on the rise. More after this —  

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 Alaska salmon permit values are increasing in many regions; likewise quota shares of halibut Listings by four brokers show that Bristol Bay drift permits are valued at about $134,000 by the state and listed for sale at 150,000 to $170,000. That compares to $90,000 this past January.

  Prince William Sound seine cards are over $200,000; up from the $140,000 range a year ago. At Southeast Alaska, seine permits are the priciest in the state, holding at over $300,000, up about fifty grand since January.  Southeast   drift permits are topping $100,000. Kodiak seine permits   are showing a steady uptick, now listing at $55,000 to over $80,000. Kodiak seine cards have been in the mid-$30,000’s for years.  Chignik permits are moving up from the $225,000 range; At Area M/the Alaska Peninsula, were at $100 grand, up from 90.  At Cook Inlet, drift permits were listed at $100,000, up from $75,000.

 Looking at IFQs – halibut shares have hit $50 a pound at Southeast Alaska, the only place where catches are going up. Offers are in the $45 range.  For the Central Gulf, 3A, the asking prices for IFQs ranged from $28 to $42 a pound. Western Gulf halibut was at $16 to $20. That’s up about $6 dollars since January in both regions.

 Shares of sablefish show a big drop in price. Asking prices in Southeast  of $22 to just over $30, and $15 to $30 in the Central Gulf are down from $28 to $34 in both region a year ago. We’ll be looking into this ….

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