Exchange rates affect salmon sales Credit:

Exchange rates affect salmon sales

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Salmon wholesale price comparisons, 2013/2014
October 21, 2014


 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Prices for Alaska salmon products take a downward slide. More after this –

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Every four months Alaska processors provide price reports for how much they sold various salmon products at wholesale by region. For the peak of the season from May through August, most prices were lower than at the same time last year.

 Here are some highlights from the state Tax Division:  By far most of Alaska’s salmon pack goes out headed and gutted and frozen. H&G Chinook salmon fetched $3.95 a pound, down from $4.51 last summer. Sockeye at $3.14 was a drop of $1.07 per pound. Cohos wholesaled for $2.91 compared to $3.60. The prices for H&G frozen pink salmon increased a quarter to $1.28; chums saw the biggest gain at $1.54 , a 45-cent increase.

 For fresh fish, all Alaska salmon prices decreased during the summer, with fresh sockeye averaging $4.43, down 66-cents a pound during the summer. Processors sold similar amounts of fresh sockeye fillets – four million pounds for the past two summers.   Fresh sockeye fillets at $8.80 were a drop of 48 cents. Prices for fresh coho fillets also declined to $6.63, down $1.56. Likewise, chum fillets at $2.19 were down $1.19 a pound from last summer.

 Prices for Alaska salmon roe were down across the board from May through August. Sockeye roe at $5.72 was down from $6.89 a pound. Pink roe at $7.72 was a drop of 38 cents and the biggest seller – chum roe dipped by $1.33 to $12.07 per pound.

 Fall is an important sales period and wholesale prices are likely to reflect changes from the summer.  

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