More salmon prices are starting to trickle in as about 25 percent of Alaska’s total projected harvest of 190 million fish have crossed the docks so far, nearing 55 million fish.

That includes over 72 percent of the expected sockeye haul which was nearing 41 million.

Nearly 34 million were from Bristol Bay where daily landings continued to top one million reds in some regions.

The Alaska Peninsula also continued to see good sockeye catches, topping five million so far, and Kodiak topped the one million sockeye mark.

Base prices for sockeyes by major buyers were reported at $1.10 at Bristol Bay, $1.45-$1.50 at Kodiak and $1.75 at Southeast. That compares to a statewide average of just $0.76 last year.

Pink salmon catches were at the 10 million mark with Prince William Sound leading all other regions at nearly six million humpies.

A haul of over 124 million pink salmon is projected for Alaska this summer, nearly 50 percent higher than last year.

Pinks were fetching $0.35 cents a pound for fishermen on average, up a nickel.

Chum salmon harvests were near the four million mark with half coming from Prince William Sound.

The statewide chum harvest was projected to top 15 million this year but catches already were dropping off and far below the five year average.

Kodiak fishermen were averaging $0.50 a pound for chums and $0.85 at Southeast from major buyers.

For Chinook salmon about 25 percent harvest of the projected 296,000 catch has been realized and most cohos are just starting to trickle in.

Troll-caught kings in Southeast were averaging $6.73 a pound, compared to $5.07 last year.

With average weights at 11 pounds, each Chinook is worth about the same as one barrel of Alaska oil.

Troll cohos were fetching a whopping $2.50 for all sizes.

So far, Southeast Alaska was seeing the lowest salmon catches at less than 900,000 fish for all species combined.

The salmon prices do not include bonuses for things like icing and delivery.

Our salmon catch information comes from ADF&G and by the McKinley Research Group for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.