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May 15, 2014

Copper River kicks off, 2014                         

Copper River area

Copper River area

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — Alaska’s salmon season officially gets underway today. Things are hopping in from Cordova – More after this —

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Alaska’s 2014 salmon season officially got underway at 7am today with the first 12 hour opener at the Copper River. Cordova is home base for the famous fishery.

 The town has doubled in size over the past few weeks, the weather is great, the feeling in the air is electric with everybody getting their boats ready to go and some have already headed out. 2

 Kim Ryals is director of the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association. As usual, she says the media hype is in full swing.

 Yea, we’ve got a lot of people riding around in the sky checking out the conditions and a lot of people getting ready to move the fish to other places for first fish. 6

 Ryals says the town will turn out today to welcome the fleet of more than 570 drift netters home.

 We’re going to get together at the Reluctant Fisherman from 5-7 to welcome the fishermen back to the harbor with a celebration. 4

 This year, along with sending the fish to high end markets in Seattle, the first fish also will be enjoyed closer to home. Ryals says events are planned in Anchorage and fishermen are donating salmon to a new shelter called Clare House..

 This is a new shelter for women and children and pregnant women over 18 – and we feel like we have so much to be thankful for here in Cordova, and with our natural resources it’s such a rich place, that we want to share some of these things with the people we live within our state. 11

 Go to   for a special locator app that tells where the fish is being sold —

… and also when you do find it, you can upload information to us so it’s a great two way stream of communication that helps us know where our fish are going. 13

 The Copper River forecast calls for a catch of 1.8 million sockeye salmon and 33,000 kings this summer. No reports of prices yet – last year’s first prices were around $4 a pound and between $5-$7 for kings.

Find all the salmon forecasts at our website  

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