Alaska Wild Wings, Southern Style made from AK pollock by High Liner Foods

A fish and chips meal kit featuring Alaska cod was the favorite in the first round of the Alaska Symphony of Seafoods competition held last weekend at Pacific Marine Expo. The snappy kit by Alaskan Leader Seafoods won the Seattle People’s Choice Award. Keith Singleton heads the company’s value added division.

It’s really a lot of fun. You’ve got the French fries, the batter, the panko and the fish, which of course is Alaska cod.”

Alaskan Leader, which pitches itself as “America’s Cod Company” won the overall grand prize at the new products contest two years ago for its pop in the oven cod with lemon herb sauce.

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In all, 20 new Alaska seafood products debuted at Expo. The event, hosted for 27 years by the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, showcases a diverse array of innovative items and levels the playing field between major companies and small ‘mom and pops.’

Other first place winners selected by a panel of judges – in the retail category, it was Bullwhip Kelp Salsa by Juneau-based Barnacle Seafoods. Southern Style Alaska Wild Wings by High Liner Foods of Canada took top honors In Food Service. The wings are made from Alaska pollock.


In the Beyond the Plate Category, Juneau-based WILD by Nature’s Alaskan Fin Fish Earrings won first place.  That was added four years ago to open doors for new things being made from seafood byproducts. Julie Decker is AFDF director –

“It can be anything. It can be things that are edible such as fish oil capsules, or things that are non edible such as salmon leather wallets.”

Pet treats from Drool Central, an Anchorage ‘mum and pup barkery’, could be among more winners that will be announced on February 24 at the annual Symphony and UFA Legislative bash in Juneau.   Entries such as kelp pickles, smoked octopus, and blueberry cured gravlax are vying for second and third place awards. The overall grand prize winner also will be named at the Juneau event.

Top winners receive travel to Boston’s Seafood Expo North America in March.

Other entries for the Symphony of Seafood, 2019/2020

Retail – 12

SeaBear Smokehouse – SeaBear’s BSB – Brown Sugar Bourbon Smoked Salmon

Foraged & Found – Sea Asparagus Pesto

60⁰ North Seafoods LLC – Blueberry Cured Gravlax

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Coho Salmon

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Octopus

Alaskan Leader Seafoods – Wild Alaska Cod Fish n Chips Meal Kit

Barnacle Foods – Bullwhip Hot Sauce

Fishpeople – Sweet + Smoky Original Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

SeaBear Smokehouse – Gerard & Dominique’s Wild Smoked Salmon Schmear

Tai Foong USA – Crab Rangoon

Tai Foong USA – Snow Crab with Garlic Butter

Trident Seafoods – Loaded Baked Potato Crusted Wild Alaska Pollock Fillets

Food Service – 5

HighLiner Foods – Alaska Wild Wings – Southern Style

Barnacle Foods – Dill Kelp Pickles

Blue Evolution – Alaskan Kombu Seaweed

Trident Seafoods – Redi Grilled Fully Cooked Wild Alaska Pollock Pieces

Tai Foong USA – Salmon Dumpling

Beyond the Plate – 3

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Fin Earrings

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Skin Jewelry

Drool Central:  A Mum and Pup Bakery – Pescadores