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Salmon recap: 2015 catch ranks second

October 14, 2015

AK salmon catch #2 in record books Credit:

AK salmon catch #2 in record books

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Alaska’s salmon catch ranks second in the record books. More after this –

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Alaska’s 2015 salmon catch of nearly 257 million fish is the second largest ever, behind only the record 273 million salmon taken in 2013.

The numbers are still being crunched in terms of values and the average prices paid to fishermen, but those totals will be far less than last year.

The shortfall stems from lower salmon prices across the board, driven especially by the 50-cents a pound base price for a catch of 36 million sockeye salmon taken at Bristol Bay.  That harvest totaled about $95 million at the docks, compared to $193 million last year.

The Bay catch typically adds up to well over one-third of the value of Alaska’s total salmon harvest and sockeyes are the  big money fish. In all, the statewide sockeye catch topped 53 million reds.

Pink salmon catches set records in several regions this summer — at Prince William Sound fishermen hauled in more than 98 million humpies, over 29 million were taken at Kodiak and over 16 million pinks were caught at the Alaska Peninsula.   The statewide pink salmon take totaled nearly 184 million fish this summer. At an average weight of 3.5 pounds at 20-cents a pound, the value of the pink pack will likely total around $128 million.

For other salmon:  The Chinook catch of  around half a million is typical for the summer. Catches of nearly 16 million chums and 3.6 million coho salmon were both a million fish shy of preseason expectations.

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