Salmon haul          Credit: ADFG

Decreases across the board sums up Alaska’s 2020 salmon season.

A summary of the preliminary harvests and values by the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game shows that Alaska’s total catch came in at just under 117 million salmon, a 44% decrease from last season’s haul of 208.3 million fish and the 13th lowest on record.

The salmon value of $295.2 million is a whopping 56% decrease from last season’s $673.4 million, and when adjusted for inflation, the lowest value since 2006.

Sockeyes accounted for about 59% of Alaska’s total salmon value at $174.9 million and 40% of the harvest at 46.1 million fish.

Pinks accounted for 51% of the statewide salmon harvest and 21% of the value at $61.8 million.

Looking at some regional values —  at Southeast, salmon value at the docks plummeted to $50 million, down by more than half from last year.

At Prince William Sound, a value of $49.6 million compares to $115 million last season.

At Cook Inlet, a salmon value of just over $10 million is down by more than half.

A huge haul of pinks pushed Kodiak’s salmon dockside value to $26.6 million but well below the $47 million last year.

At the Alaska Peninsula, the value came in at $16.6 million compared to $49 million last year.

Bristol Bay’s salmon value of $140.6 million compares to $306.5 million last season.

Looking at average salmon prices paid to fishermen compared to 2019: Chinook averaged $5.07 a pound compared to $4.48, sockeyes averaged $0.76 down from $1.45; cohos averaged $1.17, down just 2 cents,  the average pink price of $0.30 was the same as last year, the average dock price for chums at $0.43 was a drop of 6 cents from 2019.