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Fishermen’s harvesting jobs
November 7, 2012

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … The ‘graying’of the fleet continues. More on Alaska fishermen’s harvests and earnings  after this –

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 In Alaska’s fisheries last year, 45 percent of all permit holders were between the ages 45 and 60, with an average age of 47. Crew members were much younger, averaging around 21 years old.   Those are just a few of the findings in the November Economic Trends by the state Dept. of Labor, which focuses on Alaska fishing and processing jobs. 

 Roughly 10,000 permit holders went fishing, along with more than 22,000 crew members last year. Other report highlights:  Salmon   represents more than half of the total fishing jobs; that along with groundfish harvesting each added more than 200 jobs last year.

Halibut, crab, and herring all had drops in employment. Over 60 percent of Alaska’s total harvesting employment takes place in June through August.  Salmon averaged more than 16,000 jobs a month during those months — 80 percent of total summer harvesting employment. Three gear types accounted for almost 60 percent of total harvesting jobs in the state in 201:  Longliners, gillnetters and set netters. In terms of gender – 85 percent of fish harvesters last year were men.   Just over 11-hundred women held fishing permits, or 3.7%.  Women crew numbers topped 32-hundred, or 10.8% of Alaska’s fish harvest jobs.   Alaska remains the nation’s leaders for value of fisheries at nearly $2 billion of the $5.3 billion US total. The economic Trends report also includes seafood processing, fishermen’s other jobs and a focus on the Aleutians West region. Find a link to the   report at Fish Radio on Facebook.


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