Alaska Fishtopia brings previously scattered statewide sportfishing info together for the first time right to your mobile phone.

“Literally everything that you  need to know about fishing in Alaska, whether you’re on the Kenai Peninsula or you’re in Kodiak, wherever you’re at, you have all of the resources for fishing together.”  

Britt Lueck is Fishtopia’s marketing director.

“And then you can also download the reg books so they can all be sitting on your phone. You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to view them. And then there’s a fish info area – you select your region, so You’re in Alaska. You can see every kind of species of fish that you can fish for and Alaska. And then a really, really big piece of the app is the maps feature which has multiple layers and you can check out tides, so you can see when is the tide coming in or going out? What is a really good time to fish for halibut? What are the currents looking like, what does the marine weather look like?”

Alaska Fishtopia also has a social component.

“Then, the last piece that really kind of ties together this entire app is it brings in like a social aspect where you can post pictures of the fish that you’re catching. And you can stay connected with local guides that have opportunities for you to jump on a boat if they have an open seat. And then we’re also promoting events and entertainment. So when I’m done fishing for the day, and I want to go grab a bite to eat and maybe listen to some live local music, where can I go? So it’s just bringing the entire fishing community together in an app.”  

Alaska Fishtopia was created by Jim Voss of Alaska Boat Rental and Guide Service in Kenai.

Fishtopia costs just $1.99 a year and members can win big prizes from local businesses all summer.

If you have the app, I’m on Instagram, and I’m posting questions like, hey, if you want to win a Sea Tow membership, look up how many fish were counted on this day in 2017. All they have to do is go into their fish count, check the river, look at the number and just VM me the number and then they’re entered to win.. So it’s just a really awesome opportunity for, those who download the app to earn back and just be supportive of us and other local companies in the area as well.”