April 3, 2013


The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) is looking for owners of commercial fishing vessels who are interested in volunteering to participate in the Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Pilot Project.  The intent of the project is to identify fuel savings through energy efficiency practices or upgrades onboard fishing vessels in Alaska.  These vessel owners will receive free audits in exchange for information regarding energy systems and use during normal fishing operations on their vessel and approximately 1-2 days of vessel and owner time in order to coordinate and perform the walk-through audit.  Due to limited funding, the Pilot Project will be restricted to vessels between 30 and 125 feet in length.  To find out more about volunteering to participate in this Pilot Project, contact Julie Decker at jdecker@afdf.org or visit http://www.afdf.org/rfp-fveap/ .


Thank you for your help in getting this information to the Alaska commercial fishing fleet.

Julie Decker

Development Director

Cell:  907-305-0586



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