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Alaska fishermen who hold Individual Fishing Quotas, or catch shares, of halibut, sablefish and Bering Sea crab pay an annual fee to the federal government to cover the management and enforcement costs for those fisheries.  Last week bills were sent to 2,114 Alaska longliners, 49 less than last year.

 The coverage fee, which is capped at three percent, is based on dock prices and averaged across the state. Fishermen determine how much they owe by multiplying the annual fee by the dockside value of all their landings.  The percentage is slightly higher this year at 2.1 percent, compared to 1.6 percent last year. According to Troie Zuniga, fee coordinator at NOAA Fisheries in Juneau, the 2012 halibut and black cod fisheries yielded $5.0 million for coverage costs. This year’s average price for halibut is $5.87 per /lb compared to  $6.56 last year.  For sablefish, the dock price averaged 4.11 per /lb, down from $5.15.   The overall values for both fisheries took a big dip — for halibut a  value of  $137 million is down $57 million. For sablefish, a value of $109 million is a drop of $15 million from last year. Longliners have until the end of January to pay their fishing bill.

 For Bering Sea king and snow crab, the coverage fee was 1.23% for a value of $262 million,   down about $25 million from the previous season. Crabbers have until the end of July to pay their fishing fees. 

 Back to halibut — The Halibut Commission meets this Wednesday and Thursday in Seattle and, among other things, will unveil recommended catches for next year. Except for the finance and administration sessions at the end of the second day, all sessions will be webcast.  Log on at the IPHC website and find a link at Fish Radio on Facebook.

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