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Togiak herring haul, fish poop helps planet, more
October 23, 2012

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch –  A huge herring haul at Togiak … crab prices plunge and fish poop helps the planet.  Plus, watch the king salmon symposium  … More after this –


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The Chinook salmon symposium is in its final day in Anchorage with the goal of identifying knowledge gaps about the statewide decline. Live web streams are available via your computer and at Legislative Information Offices around the state.  Go to the Fish and Game commercial fisheries home page and you can click right in or call Toll-Free to listen in (1-888-655-9647)…

 Bering Sea crabbers settled on a base price of $7.25 a pound for Bristol Bay red king crab, compared to over $10 bucks last year. A final   price will settle out after sales are made.  About 85 boats signed up for the king crab fishery but only 45 were fishing so far.  

 Also in the Bay: next spring’s Togiak roe herring fishery is set to be a whopper. Managers set the harvest at more than 30,000 tons (30,056) – nearly 30% higher than this year. That stock also will fuel 15-hundred tons for a spawn on kelp fishery and 22 hundred tons for the Dutch Harbor herring food and bait fishery.  

 Meanwhile, Alaska’s largest fishery – Bering Sea pollock – was calling it a year. That catch will be in the one million ton range.  Boats had to go far to find the fish – 500 miles out, nearly to the Russian line.

 Finally, it turns out that fish poop helps the planet. Researchers at Rutgers University and elsewhere have found that poop from fish, whales and other marine mammals absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, helping to offset greenhouse gases tied to global warming. Read more in the Journal Scientific Reports.

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