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Pollock expands at quick serve outlets, schools
November 1, 2012

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – More schools and quick serves choose Alaska pollock. Fish McBites and more after this —  

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 When you bite into a fish sandwich at your favorite fast food restaurant, more than likely it is Alaska pollock.

 Cut: People may not know that Alaska pollock has been a major item on quick food menus for many years, due to its great performance and quality and taste.

Pat Shanahan is program director for the trade group Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, or GAPP.  The group promotes pollock that is caught and processed in Alaska to markets around the world. Most recently, McDonald’s announced it will add Fish McBites to its menu starting at Lent.  Burger King, Jack in the Box and Arby’s also are ramping up demand for Alaska pollock blocks for their own fish items. 

 Cut;  It’s only good news for us and the Alaska industry. 6 Cut: now what we are seeing is with changed commitment to sustainability programs and expanding menus to offer more healthy fish items they are including even more Alaska pollock on the menu. 2

Shanahan says customers prefer Alaska pollock because the fish fillets are deep skinned and only frozen once.

 Cut: I think what restaurants are looking for a completely white piece of fish and the deep skinning removes the fat line.   

Sustainability also is a selling point.  Fast food player KFC in France, for example, has gotten its own eco label from the MSC to show its support for well managed fisheries.   KFC France will only serve Alaska pollock at its 143 outlets.   

 The industry also led the charge to get more fish onto school lunch trays. Last year over three million pounds of Alaska pollock were sold to schools. Orders are already at nearly 2.25 million pounds just three months into this school year. About three billion pounds of pollock will come from the Bering Seas and Gulf of Alaska this year.

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