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October 30, 2013                                          

Pollock fishing aboard the F/V Ocean Hope 3 Credit:

Pollock fishing aboard the F/V Ocean Hope 3

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … Lots of fishing action in the Gulf and Bering Sea. That’s up after this –

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 Several closures are coming up on Friday.  That’s when Alaska’s biggest fishery – pollock in the Bering Sea – will close for the year. Roughly three billion pounds will come out of that fishery.  The Gulf pollock fishery also wraps up for trawlers on November 1, as does Pacific cod.  Fishing for cod continues for other gear types in both the Gulf and Bering Sea. Pot and jig fishing could last all year.

Crabbers at Bristol Bay have made 70 landings so far of red king crab, totaling about 2.5 million pounds, or 32 percent of the catch limit. They have just over 5 million pounds left to go.

 Halibut longliners have taken 93 percent of their nearly 22 million pound catch limit, with about 1.5 million pounds left to go. For sablefish, about three million pounds remain in the 28 million pound quota.  Both of those fisheries close November 7.  Homer will regain the title as the number one halibut port, topping Kodiak by about one million pounds in landings this year.  Seward is the top port by far for sablefish landings.

 Lots of fishing continues in Southeast Alaska. The herring food and bait fishery is ongoing. Pot shrimp fisheries are wrapped up in most districts with a total catch of half a million pounds. Demersal shelf rockfish opens November 8 with a 35 ton harvest region-wide. And divers continue combing the deep for sea cucumbers and giant geoduck clams.

 The state Board of Fisheries gave a nod last week to a new pot cod fishery next year near Unimak Island and Akutan, in the Aleutian Islands.   The new fishery will be open to vessels 58 feet or less, with a limit of 60 groundfish pots and exclusive registration. The new fishery was in response to the need for an entry level, open access fishery in the Bering Sea.

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