Credit:  Cordova Times

Tomorrow, August 10, is the second annual Alaska Wild Salmon Day, an honor decreed last year by Governor Bill Walker.

Credit goes to Representative Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham for shepherding it through the Alaska legislature.

No matter how people may differ on  issues and current events, all Alaskans feel unified on one thing:  their appreciation for salmon.

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I think across the state most Alaskans see themselves as a fisherman, one way or another, whether it’s with a dip net or commercial fishing or with a fly rod – whatever it might be – maybe it’s just enjoying the flavor of salmon at local eateries –it’s something that really unites us across the  state .”

Lindsey Bloom is a veteran salmon fisherman and industry advocate in Juneau.

Lots of celebrations are planned across the state – free salmon barbecues at Cuddy Park in Anchorage hosted by the Alaska Center and at the Dillingham boat harbor by the Bristol Bay Native, along with a salmon dip contest.

Cook InletKeeper is serving up salmon chowder at Soldotna Creek Park, and the Sitka Festival kicks off to name a few.

Other Alaskans are picking up trash at favorite salmon streams, posting salmon stories to social media,   creating salmon art or reading salmon stories to kids.

Bloom says it’s all about showing how salmon goes well beyond just catching and eating it.

 “The more you talk to Alaskans across the board is that it is so much a part of people’s identities. So the reading to children a bedtime story about salmon just goes to the heart of that – it’s so interwoven and culture and tradition, spiritual and religious belief. It’s way more than just a dollar sign.”

The winner of the “guess the number of sockeye caught at Bristol Bay” contest   also will be announced on Wild Salmon Day by United Fishermen of Alaska’s Salmon Habitat Information Program, or SHIP.  –

“The final number of the Bristol Bay catch  which turned out to be the fourth largest run at Bristol Bay – those winners will be announced .”

That contest is closed, Bloom says, but you can still sign on for gift cards from Alaska Airlines and LFS gear supply and to receive  salmon news updates.

“Fishermen can still text to UFASHIP at 313131 and there are a number of ways to still enter into various give away that the Salmon Habitat Information Program has going on through the rest of the summer.”

Alaska provides more than 95 percent of  all wild-caught salmon to U.S. markets –

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