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Cod Crunchies debut at CostCo

September 23, 2016

 Alaskan Cod Crunchies get nat'l roll out next week at Costco in Anchorage

Alaskan Cod Crunchies get nat’l roll out next week at Costco in Anchorage

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Alaskan Cod Crunchies take center stage at CostCo. More after this —

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Cod Crunchies are the latest pet treats stemming from the Alaskan Leader company’s commitment to 100 percent “head to tail”  usage of their catches.

We found an amazing opportunity with the fillet production. So it’s pure, 100 percent human grade trimmings coming right off the fillets. 

Keith Singleton is president of Alaskan Leader Seafood’s value added division.  The group’s four freezer/longline vessels are owned in partnership with the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) and fish primarily for cod in the Bering Sea. Besides the frozen at sea fillets, Alaskan Leader also has full markets for the cod heads, the cod livers and the skins.

The Alaskan Cod Crunchies, which have been under development for about a year, are dried and shaped into crispy, domino sized wafers. Singleton says taste tests with numerous dogs convinced him the product was a winner.

Boy, they just will follow you around the house. They get going on that crunch, it’s like that potato chip commercial, you can’t just eat one. They come back for more.

Dillingham dogs agreed, said Robin Samuelson, president of Ocean Beauty Seafoods and chairman of BBEDC.

 I can say last night I came into Dillingham and I had two sacks with me and there was a 12 week old black lab and I opened them up and said let’s put it to the test, and that little dog loved the cod treats.

The Cod Crunchies sold out at an in-house trade show at Costco in Oregon. And next week, Singleton says, the Crunchies will make their retail debut at Costco’s two stores in Anchorage.

What’s more exciting is they chose Alaska to debut the product. That’s really cool for us.

The reception to the new pet treat is exciting, says Robin Samuelson. But to him, the bigger story is fully utilizing every bit of the codfish that comes over the rails.

It’s a new product. The cost co officials liked the demonstration and it did real well in Oregon and we think it will do good throughout the US. And again, it’s the full utilization of the species and we’re just tickled pink.

CostCo will start showcasing the Cod Crunchies next week at the start of National Seafood Month.

Also debuting:   Alaskan Leader’s new lemon and herb buttered cod portions in the freezer section. Find links at

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