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AMSEA Drill Instrictor Training
February 23, 2015  

All hands on deck! Credit:

All hands on deck!

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. All hands on Deck. Get trained for safety, learn more after this…

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 Nothing can prepare you for the worst, but knowing what to do when an at sea emergency occurs is a must for on board survival.   The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association offers a Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor Training course to fishermen and mariners to ensure safety on deck.  

 “The course helps to prepare mariners for the most common at sea emergencies.  

 AMSEA Training Coordinator- Rick Peterson

 “Including on-board fires, Man over boards, unintentional flooding, and abandon ship.”

 The courses are U.S. Coast Guard approved and recommended for captains and crew serving on any commercial vessel.

 “It is designed for commercial fishermen so they can meet some coast guard regulations, but it really is applicable to any mariner.”

 AMSEA aims to bring the most real life emergency situations to the class

 “Sometimes we bring a smoke machine to a vessel and we will fill it up with smoke. We have a flooding control simulator that looks like an engine room, it has a bunch of leaks out of pipes and cracks in the hull and they have to shove whatever you can find into the hole and just try to stop the leaks. We do put people in the water and haul them up either manually or with hydraulics. It is very hands on class, as a matter of fact there are no written tests, to pass the class you have to perform at least 16 out of 18 skills.”  

 The 10 or 18 hour courses are offered monthly in many Alaska fishing ports and throughout the Nation.

AMSEA will be holding a drill conductor course this week on February 27 and 28th in Kodiak and next month in Petersburg and their home port Sitka.

 “We rely on a network of instructors who live everywhere, and it is easiest for us to use instructors who live in the home port. So if anybody would like to become an AMSEA instructor we invite you to join us in a marine safety instructor training.”

 Find updated schedules and more on their website 

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