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June 30, 2014                            

Fishing regions of AK Credit:

Fishing regions of AK

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Lots of all kinds of fishing is going on all across Alaska. Get updates after this –

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Salmon fisheries are in full swing across Alaska with more coming online every day. Big news last week was a revised downward forecast for the sockeye run expected anytime now Bristol Bay. The catch there is still projected at about 17 million reds. Elsewhere, the summer troll fishery kicks off in Southeast July first with a targets of just over 166-thousand treaty Chinook salmon.

 Lots of summer crab news: Dungeness fishing continues at Southeast where a harvest of 2.25 million pounds is expected; Southeast’s golden king crab fishery will close on July 10 with a catch of about 234 thousand pounds. The golden king crab fishery continues way out at the Aleutians; likewise, Tanners in the Bering Sea. Norton Sound’s red king crab fishery started on June 26 with a harvest set at 382-thousand pounds, down 23 percent.

 Trawlers were targeting pollock and cod in the Bering Sea; Pollock reopens in the Gulf in late August. The Gulf jig fleet continues to pull up lots of cod.

Halibut longliners had taken 53% of their 16 million pound catch limit with just seven million pounds to go. For sablefish, 62% of the nearly 24 million pound quota has been landed with nine million pounds remaining.

 Ling cod opens in Prince William sound on July one – as does Alaska’s scallop fishery which has a combined limit of 407-thousand pounds of shucked meats.

 In other fish news – Simon Kinneen of Nome has been named to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. He replaces outgoing Eric Olson. Also reappointed is Washington’s John Henderschedt. Both terms are for three years.

 Finally, United Fishermen of Alaska has endorsed two congressional candidates. UFA executive director Julianne Curry says they’re sticking to the status quo –

 The United Fishermen of Alaska board of directors, those that can endorse political candidates, have put our support behind Senator Mark Begich for another term in the United States Senate. And we have also voted endorsed Don Young for another go-around at the U.S. House of Representatives.


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