June 22, 2015


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Sockeye salmon fresh from the deck to your dinner table. Hear more after this…


The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association offers free ergonomics training to seafood processing workers and fishermen to reduce injuries and increase productivity. Visit www.amsea.org  to schedule a training at your plant or vessel.

 Federal grants are available to help “Made in America” companies compete with imports and save US jobs. Learn more at www.nwtaac.org. 


Fill your freezer with fresh salmon by the 4th of July without getting a line wet! That’s what the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is promising to those who subscribe to their Catch of the Season program. From crab to cod to rock fish this is the council’s fifth year offering locally caught seafood.


“This operates as a community supported fisheries; which is like a CSA or a full circle box. All of the fish is pre bought and they are basically buying a share of the fishery, and they can buy it in certain sizes.”


Rachel Donkersloot is AMCC’s Working Waterfronts Program Director. This is their second year offering the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon boxes, and she says this year they’ve expanded.


“Right now we are catering to Anchorage, Homer, and Fairbanks residents. This is the first year that we have been able to offer it in Fairbanks, so we are really excited about that.”

They have also added more poundage this year.


“This year the other thing we are doing different is last year we offered ten pound and twenty-five pound shares, and this year we are offering fifty pound shares.”


The small family owned business-Naknek Family Fisheries is supplying the handpicked fish again this season.


“Izetta Chambers and her family buys from family and friends who setnet. This allows us to trace each fish back to the individual fishermen who caught it.”


The AMCC sold over a few thousand pounds of sockeye salmon last year; which for them was a pleasant surprise.


“We did pretty well. There was a demand for it that we didn’t fully realize until the orders were placed, because salmon is something that people like to harvest themselves.”

It is a convenient and easy way to get fresh fish into the freezer.  Boxes start at 130 dollars and the deadline for orders is June 24th.   Go to www.akmarine.org for more information.

“You get to know where your fish is coming from and who caught it. You know that it is supporting community based fisherman and our fishing communities. And you know that it was sustainably caught and handled really well.  It is quite the product.”

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