Alaska’s fisheries are targeted by many different gear types, from dip nets to big Bering Sea catcher processors.

Alaska Fish Radio went down to the docks to hear what Kodiak fishermen believe are the whiniest group —

  • Probably those who are less fortunate in catching the most fish.
  • Definitely the trawl fleet.
  • The state wide fishing fleet.
  • I do believe it’s the processors, because they have a long, monotonous, boring job.
  • Draggers and crab fishermen. Because they are just whiners. Draggers are lazy and crab fishermen are old.
  • I’d have to say the anti-trawl activists because they want our fish.
  • The fishermen themselves … I can’t really say any are a whiny group. It’s the people making the rules and regulations that have never been on a fishing boat that are probably the whiniest.

  • The gillnetters – because they are the ones writing up all the proposals.
  • Probably the Cook Inlet fishermen. They always think everyone is intercepting all their fish and catching their fish … it’s always someone else’s fault that their fish don’t come.
  • Gillnetters – because they are not really fishermen. It’s a bunch of lawyers and doctors that decide they want to come up to Alaska and fish and they don’t really know what it’s about.
  • The fishermen’s wives by far. They are always complaining about the men being away and needing this and needing that and it’s definitely the wives.