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January 31, 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Your career in the Last Frontier – Fish and Game goes all out to attract new workers. More after this —

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More than 20% of the staff at the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game could retire in the next five years.

  And that is a staggering, alarming statistic and so the department has undertaken an ambitious recruitment program and we are trying to get in the next generation of biologists, fisheries managers, wildlife professionals, accountants across the board to come into the department.   

  Candice Bressler is Fish and Game’s Workforce Development Program Coordinator. She says the Department has really ramped up its recruitment with 40 career fairs at Alaska high schools and colleges this past year, as well as targeting professionals.

   It’s all about connecting with those students and prospective applicants and building a relationship with them and getting them really excited about the work that we do.  

Bressler says Fish and Game’s Career Tracks internships give hands on experience in a field of interest.

   It’s all about choosing your adventure. That s what we are about and that’s what students like to hear.    How are they going to have that adventuresome life experience where they can make some money along the way, and we can offer that.   

Paying interns is almost unheard of, Bressler says,  but Fish and Game pays $13-$26 per hour at high school and upper graduate levels. Interns also get college credits. Ultimately, the goal is to show there are good careers here in Alaska.

 We are really trying to tap into what is in our back yard. And that’s the way we will maintain the great work that we do is to have Alaskans in those positions and the folks that are truly committed to our mission in maintaining the resources.

Bressler says the goal is to hook a new generation and turn their captivation into an application and long term hire.  Deadline to apply for internships is the end of February. Find out more at

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