Seafood Market Bulletin, Spring 2015   (click here)
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Alaska Salmon Market Analysis/An excerpt  — Current market demand is not particularly strong. The 2014/2015 sales season has produced roughly $1.06 billion in revenue for major Alaska salmon processors through the first two trimesters.

This is 13 percent below last year’s pace, and the lowest two-trimester revenue total since 2009 despite the fact that sales of canned pink salmon inventory left from the prior sales cycle added to the 2014/2015 sales figures. The amount of (net) processing revenue (net of fish costs and production labor) earned during the first two trimesters of the sales sales season is at its lowest point since 2008.

 Currencies of major export markets and competitors has weakened significantly versus the U.S. dollar over the past 12 to 18 months. This makes Alaska salmon relatively more expensive to foreign buyers. Presently, the strong dollar is the biggest factor impacting prices for Alaska seafood products, including salmon.