It is officially Alaska Wild Salmon Day! The honor was established six years ago by former Governor Bill Walker when he signed a bill designating every August 10th  as a day to honor the fish that is the cultural and economic backbone of so many Alaska communities.

Fishermen shared what they would say to the salmon on their special day —

  • I’ve always been pretty  heartless towards salmon, laughs.

  • Sorry you’ll never spawn.

  • You’re just a dollar bill with fins.

  • Thank you for what you’re offering.

  • I think you are one of God’s most magnificent creatures. The arduous journey you’ve been on is worthy of respect. I am deeply honored to be a part of your life cycle. Every time I slide my hand along your glistening scales, or feel the power when you flick your strong tail, I am thankful.

Salmon fishing provides jobs for over 30,000 Alaskans and generates $2 billion a year in economic input.

Salmon provides 37% of the value of Alaska’s total fish catches and 14% of the volume.

And 95% of the wild salmon eaten by Americans comes from Alaska.

What would the salmon say to us?

  • I really get a bunch of Nemo quotes going through my head right now, like swim down!

  • You just want me for my body.

  • A lot of people think if salmon could talk they’d be screaming in the net. Help me! But I’ve never paid any attention to that.

Across the board, from subsistence to sport and commercial fishermen, all Alaskans respect the iconic fish and are thankful for the food and lifestyle it provides.

  • I would like to tell salmon, my relatives, we will always be here to protect you, and I look forward to us living in harmony with one another.

Give thanks today and every day for Alaska salmon.

Thanks to the production assist from Alex Trokey in Homer.