Frozen sockeye salmon strips bring tasty nutrition and relief to teething babies.

It’s the latest offering by Bambino’s Baby Food, made in Anchorage. Zoi Maroudas is the creator and producer of the new salmon strips –

“The coldness feels great on their little gums. It also helps the salmons trip a little bit more firm. Also we have no preservatives in any of our meals and we want to lock in the nutrition to keep those omega rich calculations just as happy as they were before. That’s why we flash freeze them  so that way they can stay just as beautiful and as fresh as possible.”  

Maroudas says the salmon strips also honor indigenous Alaska traditions.

“I wanted to share that with the world in the sense of  honoring our indigenous families and traditions and  also sharing how natural nutrient- rich omega strips can be for a little one to enjoy. Instead of a cookie or cracker, a salmon strip. It feels great honor the little ones, you know, gums, you can snack on it. The flavor is very subtle, very nice. We also keep the salmon skin, which has a lot of natural, healthy fats. I always kind of giggle because it’s not going to be just for the little ones. I’m sure mom and dad and elder brother or  sister are going to be gnawing on those as well.”

The salmon teething strips, made mostly from Bristol Bay sockeyes, are the third Bambino’s product aimed at getting more seafood into the mouths of babes.  Hali-Halibut and sockeye salmon bisque feature frozen star-shaped portions perfect for baby-sized hands for teething or meals.

The government has issued new diet guidelines saying fish should be included in babies’ diets starting at six months old, yet no baby foods are produced by American manufacturers. Maroudas has become an outspoken advocate on the importance of balanced diets for children at medical presentations and in Washington, DC.

She has been featured on the Today Show and honored by Martha Stewart and President Trump. Her Bambino’s line won the American Choice Award for Best Organic Brand and Alaska’s Top Manufacturer. The pouches of frozen servings are also available at Alaska Airline terminals, Safeway stores, Amazon and are shipped to all 50 states. Bambino’s also has a store with many other products in Spenard.   

Above all, Maroudas says feeding more children with the purest and healthiest Alaska ingredients is the biggest reward.

 “It’s an absolute honor to represent our state for its quality, for its nutrition. Feeding our children, my children and feeding our families children the same with the same love and respect. And working together with our farmers and our fishermen to create that beautiful plate as an extension of their home for families wherever they are is the most humbling, most rewarding. And at night time, I pray that tomorrow’s even better for everyone around the world.”