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Biggest fishing town, most boats, nonresidents: fishing facts for 2015

August 21, 2015

AK Fishing Fact Sheets, 2015

AK Fishing Fact Sheets, 2015

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … What’s Alaska’s biggest fishing town?  The latest, expanded  round of fishing facts after this –

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What Alaska town ranks as #1 for total commercial fishing participation?  Based on the number of fishing permits, crew licenses and skippers, Anchorage comes out on top.

That’s just one of the facts available in seafood industry fact sheets complied by United Fishermen of Alaska.  The facts include well-documented statewide data; added new this year are breakdowns for the Nome and Wade Hampton Census Areas, as well as for Washington, Oregon and California, which rank as the top three states for nonresident fishermen in Alaska.

Also new is an easy to understand breakdown of how seafood industry taxes and fees are paid to the state, boroughs, communities and federal agencies. Those fish bucks add up to $250 million annually and benefit every region of Alaska.

Some highlights for 2015 show that the seafood industry remains Alaska’s largest private sector employer creating over 63,000 direct jobs throughout the state.

The number of Alaska resident active commercial fishing permit holders is 72 percent.  The number of   Alaska commercial fishing full-year resident crewmember licenses  is 10,563.

Total annual landings for Alaska is 5.8  billion pounds. Seafood is by far Alaska’s most valuable export at $3.27 billion.

Cordova boasts the largest number of boats home ported in its harbor at 704 vessels, followed by Kodiak at 685. Sitka and Petersburg claim 661 and 596 resident fishing boats, respectively.

The UFA Fishing Fact sheets show how nearly every business in Alaska benefits from commercial fishing dollars. Find the Fact Sheets and at our website

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