Bill Walker to Run for Governor

Posted by  on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bill Walker  Credit: AK Biz Magazine

Bill Walker
Credit: AK Biz Magazine

Republican Bill Walker announced today that he is making another run for governor of Alaska in 2014.

Known for his founding and continuing role in the Backbone Group, Walker has advocated strongly for an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline, and a fair and reasonable tax on oil development in the state. Backbone has held rallies across Alaska and has been vocal in its disapproval of current Governor Sean Parnell’s plan, supported by the majority of Republicans in the legislature, which would give billions in no-strings-attached money to oil companies.

Former mayor of Valdez, Walker made an unsuccessful attempt to secure the Republican nomination for Governor against Sean Parnell in 2010. Parnell’s approval has diminished since his active role in advocating for giveaways from the state’s treasury to Big Oil. He says it’s time we had a governor who puts Alaska first.

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