Author, wilderness adventurer, activist Kate Troll of Juneau provides climate change ‘hope spots’ 

It’s part fast paced adventure, part philosophy and provides a road map to ‘hope spots’ in dealing with climate change.

“I am a firm believer that you have to find reasons for moving the needle and being hopeful that you can still make a difference in this world.”

Kate Troll of Juneau is the author of “The Great Unconformity: Reflections of hope in an imperiled world.”  She draws on her 22 years of experience in climate and energy policy, elected office, coastal management and fisheries.

“My career in natural resources and sustainability began with fish, and my career as a writer  began with fish.”


As a former director of the Southeast Seiners Association and United Fishermen of Alaska, Troll was instrumental in getting 100 foot buffers along  salmon streams in Southeast Alaska.

“That was a monumental step taken in an era of large scale clear cutting. Now we have those streams protected and it serves as a model for other areas. It’s sort of become the norm. and that’s key to the sustainability of our fisheries.”  

A way to seed hope spots is to use our purchasing power to support sustainable fisheries and other earth friendly causes. Another is already yielding big results.


“The other one is that capitalism has progressed in renewable energy like wind and solar is now cost competitive with coal and natural gas. We’ve reached what is called grid parity with a lot of renewable energy and that’s an important development. “

Troll pulls no punches about the climate challenges we face.

 “I want people to recognize the challenges before us with climate change – it’s one of the greatest challenges we face as a society. I want your eyes to be opened wide. But go forward and realize thaere are places where you can make a difference. Progress is being made, and articulate out these hopes spot so you can continue on the good fight.”

What makes this book unique and fun to read is that Troll combines her messages with amazing adventure.

 “A lot of the stories are adventures stories, so you’re climbing Denali with me, we’re running wild rivers, we’re kayaking among whales, we’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – I’m intent on entertaining the reader and taking you on a really good ride.

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