Kodiak’s Tanner crab fishery opens on January 15 for the first time in four years.  Alaskans elsewhere can pre-order the tasty crab for pick up in Anchorage.

“Our plan is to have the crab put up a few days after it opens and ship it to Anchorage and have it available at the AMCC office on Jan. 29.”   

Theresa Peterson is Kodiak Outreach Coordinator for the Alaska Marine Conservation Council which has offered seafood caught by Alaskans for Alaskans since 2010.

Its Catch 49 “boat to plate” program is a Community Supported Fishery which offers pre-orders of top quality, responsibly harvested local catches and creates more awareness between customers and fishermen.

“And then to have a chance to understand where your seafood came from, who caught it, the story of your catch accompanies each box. It tells a little bit about the family business the fishermen who are involved in the program and provides pictures of those families and boats, and recipes. It tells about the Tanner crab fishery and the importance to the community of Kodiak.”

The fishery will go fast since the cod crash has pushed more boats towards Tanners, which as a small, 400,000 pound catch limit.

“This is a unique opportunity – it’s a very short ordering window. We only have eight days. The season kicks off on January 15 and the fishery could close by the 17th. So orders are going to have to be in by Jan. 17 and you’ll have some delicious Tanner crab in your freezer before you know it.”   

The 17 pound Tanner  crab boxes are limited to those who can pick it up in Anchorage.  But there will be other Catch 49 offerings of seafood for customers in other regions at least four times throughout the year.

 “And thus far our offerings include Bristol bay sockeye salmon, Prince William Sound spot prawns, Kodiak jig caught rockfish, Norton Sound red king crab and Homer Pacific halibut and Taku River coho salmon.”  

Place orders by Jan. 17 at Catch49.org or call the Alaska Marine Conservation Council office in Anchorage at (907) 277-5357.