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Salmon fishing at Bristol Bay Credit: ADF&G

Salmon fishing at Bristol Bay
Credit: ADF&G

 The following is an overview of the 2014 Bristol Bay commercial salmon season. All data are preliminary.

The 2014 inshore Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run of 40.6 million fish ranks 7th out of the last 20 years (1994–2013) and was 17% above the 34.7 million average run for the same period. This year’s sockeye run was 53% above the preseason inshore forecast of 26.6 million fish. Togiak was the only district to come in lower than preseason forecast with Naknek/Kvichak, Egegik, Ugashik, and Nushagak districts all larger than predicted. The 28.8 million sockeye salmon commercial harvest was 61% above the 17.9 million preseason forecast. All escapement goals were met with a total sockeye salmon escapement of 11.8 million fish. Approximately 13,000 Chinook salmon were harvested in Bristol Bay in 2014. The preliminary harvest for other species was; chum salmon 557,000 fish, coho salmon 266,000 fish, and pink salmon 1.3million fish.


The Bristol Bay 2014 harvest of all salmon species was 30.9 million fish with a preliminary exvessel value of $197 million which is 79% above the 20-year average of $110 million and the highest over that same period. The exvessel value record is $202 million in 1990. The weights, harvests, and prices listed in Table 1 were used to estimate exvessel value. Prices are an average of post-season processor final operations reports. This estimate does not include future price adjustments.

Table 1.–Average price, weight, harvest, and value of salmon harvest in Bristol Bay, 2014 Species

  Price/lb Weight (lb) Number of Fish Total Weight Value
Sockeye $1.20 5.6 28,809,695 160,576,037 $192,691,244
Chinook $0.80 14.9 12,761 189,664 $151,731
Chum $0.30 6.2 556,759 3,459,244 $1,037,773
Pink $0.28 3.5 1,302,446 4,532,526 $1,269,107
Coho $0.90 6.0 266,385 1,590,537 $1,431,483
Totals 30,948,046 170,348,008 $196,581,338