Earrings made from fins of Arctic grayling by WILD by Nature in Juneau


Bullwhip Hot Sauce was the biggest winner in the Alaska Symphony of Seafood competition that wrapped up last week in Juneau. The hot sauce, made with bull kelp by Juneau-based Barnacle Seafoods, took home the Grand Prize in a field of 20 entries, four of which were seaweed products.

The Symphony contest begins in November at Pacific Marine Expo where all entries are judged by an expert panel and first place winners are selected.

 Second and third place and the grand prize winners are kept under wraps until the Juneau event, co-hosted by United Fishermen of Alaska, where legislators and others sample the entries and select their favorites in retail, food service and Beyond the Plate categories.

That category was added four years ago to open doors for new items made from seafood byproducts.

“It can be anything. It can be things that are edible such as fish oil capsules, or things that are non edible such as salmon leather wallets.”

Julie Decker is director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, host of the Symphony for 27 years.

Barnacle’s Bullwhip Hot Sauce also took first place at retail. A Cod Fish and Chips Meal Kit by Alaskan Leader Seafoods placed second and Sea Asparagus Pesto by Seattle’s Foraged and Found came in third.

For food service, Alaska Southern Style Wild Wings by High Liner Foods took top honors. Second was Alaskan Kombu Seaweed made with Kodiak kelp by Blue Evolution. Salmon Dumplings by Tai Foong USA placed third.

For Beyond the Plate, Juneau’s WILD by Nature Alaskan Fish Skin Jewelry came in first, followed by Pescadots dog treats from Drool Central, a Mum and Pup Barkery of Anchorage.

All top winners receive booth space at the Seafood Expo North America event in Boston which was set for mid-March but has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Organizers say it will be rescheduled to a later date.