The call is out for new seafood products for the 27th annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood that will be celebrated at two upcoming events.

The entries will be judged at Pacific Marine Expo on November 20 and first place winners will be announced on November 22.

Second and third place winners, plus the grand prize, will be kept secret until  a Juneau legislative reception on February 24.

The Symphony, hosted by the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, provides a platform for new seafood products to boost its value and attract new customers.

It features four categories: retail, food service, Beyond the Plate and Beyond the Egg. Much of the value and health benefits in any fishery comes from parts not destined for the center of the plate and using them also helps reduce waste.

AFDF director Julie Decker on Beyond the Plate –


“For instance we’ve had salmon leather wallets and things made from chitosan from crab shells, fish oil capsules, pet treats is another big one.”

And Beyond the Egg which includes products made with roe.

“It could be a paste or shelf stable jarred salmon roe, value added pollock roe. There’s a lot of possibilities there. We recognize that roe is some of the high value and high nutrition part of the seafood that comes out of the waters of Alaska and so we really wanted to encourage product development around roe.”

Decker says the Symphony is on a mission to get more major sponsors to commit to three years to provide more money and stability.

“We need more money in order to more stuff with the Symphony, have more impact for the industry and the coastal communities that rely on the industry.” 

Another push is to grow the competition beyond the dozen or so entries the Symphony usually receives.

“Anyone that makes anything out of Alaska seafood – they can be a company in the state, in the US or in another country.”

Symphony winners get a free trip to the Seafood Expo North America in Boston in March, plus entry into its Seafood Excellence contest. Decker says the Symphony plans to add even more benefits.

“One of the ideas is to start working with retailers to get commitments that they will give retail space to some of the winners.”

Product entries are due by October 15.

Find a simple application and more information here –