July 9 2014

AMCC COTS Bristol Bay Salmon 2014


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Sockeye salmon fresh from the deck to your dinner table. Hear more after this…

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Bristol Bay sockeye salmon filets are being delivered fresh from the boat to your front door. The Alaska Marine Conservation Council is adding salmon to their catch of the season program for the first time this summer.


“This is our fourth year operating our community supported fisheries.  After the Tanner crab closers last winter we realized we needed to practice what we preached and diversify.”


AMCC’s Working Water Fronts Program Director – Rachel Donkersloot-

She said that when Kodiak Tanners didn’t open at the beginning of the year the AMCC had to reach out to other local fisheries to be able to keep the Catch of the Season program going.


“So we have expanded. Earlier in the year we had the jig caught cod and rock fish boxes, which went over really well. Then we started talking to a family in Naknek, who own and operate Naknek Family Fisheries and decided to do some Bristol Bay boxes.  So we have Sockeye Salmon on the menu as well.”


The 10 or 25 pound boxes are available for order until July 25th. Rachel says,   Orders are being filled on a rolling basis as the season goes on.


“There is no set date to pick your box up, but we are giving people a call as they place their orders.”


They are also bringing the Bristol Bay salmon to the fresh markets this summer.


“It’s a beautiful product. I grew up out in Naknek, so when I see those boxes of sockeye coming in it is truly like Christmas in July.”


You can call the AMCC office or visit their new website www.akmarine.org  to get your hands on a box of fresh salmon.


“You get to know where your fish is coming from and who caught it. You know that it is supporting community based fisherman and our fishing communities. And you know that it was sustainably caught and handled really well.  It is quite the product.”

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Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, celebrating 101 years of partnership with Alaska’s coastal communities. In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.