October 5th 2015


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Salmon gets its own special day. I’ll tell you more after this.

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There are twenty-three National Seafood Holidays every year. This Thursday salmon is getting a day of its very own. Known around the world for their canned tuna fish, now Chicken of the Sea is putting salmon in the spotlight and making   October 8th National Salmon Day.    pink can

“Tuna has a day, lobster, crab, even clams have a day. We at Chicken of the Sea thought that it made sense and it was appropriate for the second most popular seafood consumed in the United States which is salmon, that it deserved its own day.”

Spokesman Bob Ochsner says, Chicken of the Sea is a leader in canned and pouched salmon.

“So we thought, let’s get behind an effort to create a National Salmon Day for anyone and everyone who provides salmon, and or serves salmon. Wild or packaged, anyway that we can get people to eat more salmon, that is our goal.”

Not only are they emphasizing the health and nutritional benefits people get from eating salmon, they want the pink fish to become an everyday food in people’s lives.

 “Salmon has been a delicacy around the world for generations. So it has that special celebration feel. It’s pink, it’s delicious, and it’s kind of a wonder fish! It is also nutritionally valuable. So through companies like Chicken of the Sea we are trying to make it accessible to everyone in the United States and all over the world.”  

The cities of San Diego and Chicago are having special Salmon Day celebrations this Thursday. There will be an hour long twitter party; participants can win salmon, along with many other prizes. You can also go to www.ChickenoftheSea.com/salmon for free downloadable coupons, salmon recipes and more.   So pink up your lunch or dinner on October 8th and celebrate National Salmon day.