Alaska halibut catch limits for 2016 in millions of pounds:

2C  (Southeast AK)   4.95m   (4.65m  in 2015)

3A (Central Gulf)      9.6m      (10.1m in 2015)

3B (Western Gulf)     2.71m    (2.65m in 2015)

4A (W. Aleutians)      1.39m    (1.39m in 2015)

4B  (Bering Sea)         1.14m    (1.14 in 2015)

4CDE (Bering Sea)     1.66m    (1.285 in 2015)

Total:  21.45 million pounds  (21.25 in 2015)

Halibut season will start March 19; End November 7

Approved:  retention of halibut taken incidentally in sablefish pot gear in the Gulf of Alaska

Proposals to set a maximum halibut size limit of 60 inches and to reduce the minimum size to 30 inches failed.

Alaska halibut regions Credit: IPHC