Cod and Pollock were the big winners at the 25th annual Symphony of Seafood in Seattle last week.  The popular event hosted by the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation showcases new seafood in four categories.

The panel of expert judges chose Alaskan Leaders wild caught lemon butter cod for first place for Retail. The marinated filet makes cooking fish easy and convenient. 

Keith Singleton is Alaskan Leader’s vice president of marketing-

“We just take all the fuss out of it. Our product is unique, you take it right from the freezer and stick it right in the oven for 35 minutes and you have a dinner for four, and it’s an Alaskan product. It’s the first time it’s ever been done. It’s beautiful.”  

Alaskan Leader also took top honors in beyond the plate for their cod crunchies pet treats. This category   highlights new items made from fish by products.

“The pets go absolutely crazy over it. Seriously when those cats and dogs get into it and start crunching on it they are just crazy. They do spins and hurdles, whatever you want them to do; it is pretty comical.”

Singleton was in joyous disbelief for the company’s wins.

Pollock also was a top choice by the judges.

In Foodservice, Trident Seafood’s hot and spicy pollock fish sandwich took first place. Trident also won the Beyond the Egg category for their squeeze tube style pollock roe.

Salmon also snagged a win; The Seattle People’s Choice award went to Jack Link’s Salmon jerky made from Alaska Sockeye.

There are still many second and third place winners that the Symphony is keeping under wraps. Those, along the grand prize winner, will be announced at AFDF’s big seafood bash in February in Juneau.

The ultimate goal of the Symphony is to create more value added seafood products to boost markets for Alaska seafood. Alaskan Leader’s Singleton says it’s a win for everyone who works in the industry.

“Our success is the fisherman’s success. If we do well, we can get the prices up and it will help the fishermen at the dock.”

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