March 28-30 in Kodiak




    Fish Taco Night Sponsored by: AMCC, ASMI, and Kodiak Jig Seafoods Location: Kodiak Island Brewery

     Stop by to celebrate our fishing community and enjoy rockfish tacos. Your tacos are prepared in authentic fashion by the Association of Latin Women in Alaska with fish harvested by a local jig fisherman. The event is cosponsored by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and Kodiak Jig Seafoods. Proceeds will support recertification for Pacific cod harvested by the Alaska jig sector in the Marine Stewardship Council and Responsible Alaska Fisheries Management (MSC/RFM) programs. Suggested donation: $5.00


    ComFish Trade Show Open to the Public Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center

    Coast Guard Helicopter Rescues at Sea

    Presented by: LT Wes Jones & LT Jared Carbajal    Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Two Coast Guard helicopter pilots discuss tales of their rescues at sea and provide insight on how to prepare for a rescue by helicopter when the worst happens.

    Throw Me a Rope: Strategies for Preventing Fatal Falls Overboard in Commercial Fishing Presented By: Theodore Teske, NIOSH Health Communication Specialist Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Falls overboard remain a leading cause of death among commercial fishermen. New research from NIOSH shows falls overboard are often unwitnessed and when there are witnesses, rescue attempts fail more often than not. This workshop will start by showing a new video from NIOSH recounting the story of a Dungeness crab fisherman who survived a fall overboard because of his personal flotation device (PFD). Then, using real survival equipment, presenters and audience members will discuss practical strategies for preventing these events, alerting crews when a fall occurs, surviving in the water, retrieving and treating the crewmember in the water, and maintaining PFDs and other safety gear.

    Playing By the Rules: Legal challenges and issues in the fishing industry. Presented by: Stacey Stone, Lafcadio Darling & John Casperson  Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Don’t get bit: buying and selling a vessel.
    The fine print: contracts for vessel repair.
    Lien on me: understanding what is a lien and when it applies.
    Crew contracts: get it in writing, and get it early.

    Senator Murkowski Legislative Update Presented By: Murkowski Representatives Ann Robertson & Amy Kirkham Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Brief video by Senator Murkowski and legislative update on federal fisheries and legislation by Senator Murkowski’s legislative assistant Ann Robertson.

    THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH (Cont’d)

    Investing in Your Business: Energy Efficiency and Vessel Upgrades Presented By: Tyler Kornelis, KANA Economic Development & Laura Vaught, SWAMC Energy Coordinator, and Jim Fowler, Energy Audits of Alaska Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Learn about an energy audit and upgrade program for commercial fishers that’s currently available in Kodiak. Commercial fishers can request an energy audit focusing on specific upgrades of interest, such as Refrigeration upgrades (including RSW systems), LED lighting, Auxiliary engines to avoid use of main engines, Heat recovery for cabin, Variable-speed pump motors, Insulation in fish hold, and more. Once the audit is complete, commercial fishers can use the audit report detailing recommended efficiency upgrades and their associated savings and apply for a USDA grant that would cover 25% of the vessel upgrade costs.

    Representative Stutes Legislative Update Presented By: Representative Louise Stutes Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Legislative update on State of Alaska fisheries and state budget issues including: 2016 Pink Salmon Disaster Relief funding, Department of Fish and Game budget cuts, Gulf of Alaska Rationalization, Title 16, HB 35, HB 65, HB41/SB22 , AMHS Funding, and Hatchery Straying Studies.

    Dunleavy Administration and ADF&G Update Presented by: John Moller, Senior Policy Advisor and Rachel Baker, Deputy Commissioner Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Fisheries related policies and appointments. A discussion of upcoming and ongoing North Pacific Fishery Management Council actions, updates on pink salmon and Pacific cod disaster declarations, and status of the ADF&G budget.

    Public Reception Sponsored by: Trident Seafoods, APL, and Samson Tug & Barge Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center
    Kodiak knows their fish, and Trident knows it! Their top-notch and innovative culinary team will be serving up delicious fish product appetizers! While you’re at it enjoy some liquid libations! Beer will be hosted by Samson, and wine will be hosted by APL. Have your cake and eat it too by celebrating the 40th ComFish Anniversary with what else, but cake!


    ComFish Trade Show Open to the Public Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center


    Alaska Seafood Market Update
    Presented by: Jeremy Woodrow, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute; Garrett Evridge, McDowell Group
    Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    ASMI & McDowell Group have teamed up to share Alaska seafood’s current state in the global marketplace. Learn about where your catch is going, the value at home and abroad, and how global economics create challenges and opportunities for Alaska seafood.

    Space Launch Operations and the Fishing Community Presented by: Mark Lester, President of Alaska Aerospace Corporation Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Increased space launch operations at the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC)-operated spaceport at Narrow Cape, Kodiak in 2018 involved several waterway and air space closures that regrettably created real and perceived conflicts with regional fishing activities. AAC recognizes their responsibility to collaborate and communicate better with the fishing community to avoid similar issues in the future. To


    Sea Stories Above the Harbor
    Sponsored by: Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Alaska Sea Grant Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    AMCC and Alaska Sea Grant are bringing back Sea Stories Above the Harbor Friday, March 29th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. at the Best Western. Come enjoy fresh chowder from Monk’s Rock along with a lineup of stories about fishermen and the mentors who trained them.


    Digging Deeper into the Pebble Mine and its Threats to Bristol Bay Presented By: Melanie Brown, Commercial Fisherman for Bristol Bay & Ryan Spies, Lynker Technologies Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    The Pebble Mine is being pushed through the federal permitting process faster than any other large mine in Alaska’s history with a final decision targeted for early 2020 despite continued opposition from local residents, fishermen, processors, and businesses around the country. In this panel discussion, attendees will hear the results of hydrology study showing some likely results of various dam failure scenarios, discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), hear the latest science and research being done to assess potential impacts on Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery, and learn how to be effectively have your voice heard during the current public comment period.

    Net Repurposing Presented by: Nicole Baker, Net Your Problem & Robin Schiro Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    The high volume of fishing activity in Kodiak will generate a considerable amount of fishing waste, in remote communities where landfill space is limited and cost of transportation is high. Net Your Problem has been recycling end of life trawl fishing gear since 2017 and in this forum, Nicole will report on past successes in Dutch Harbor and Kodiak, as well as discuss plans for the future. Additionally, Robin explores a pilot project that will collect and transport end-of-life fishing nets from Kodiak, Alaska to Interface where they will be recycled and entered back into the economy as recycled carpet tiles. Companies such as Interface, recycle carpet by weaving in used fishing nets to make carpet tiles with a high percentage of recycled material. Ultimately, those recycled carpet tiles could end up back on Kodiak Island as a useable recycled product.


    The View from D.C.: An Update from Sen. Dan Sullivan Presented by: Senator Sullivan Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn, Harbor Room
    Sen. Sullivan to provide an update on federal fisheries and oceans policy, legislative priorities, and an outlook on the 116th Congress. With an opportunity for Q&A.

    Exhibitor Reception Sponsored by: Cascade Engine and Kodiak Diesel Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center
    Celebrate the last full day of ComFish by stopping by the tradeshow for beer hosted by Cascade Engine and Kodiak Diesel!


    ComFish Trade Show Open to the Public Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center

    Fun with Fish & Processor Games & Recognition Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center, Outside
    Come see and learn about some of Kodiak’s marine fish species – lots of different, unique fish you don’t often see and attend a salmon shark dissection while you are there. Many fish will be on display. Play fish identification guessing games! Recognition and appreciation of Kodiak’s processing companies and their workers: each local processor will be awarded a very special award and have a team compete in a fish toss game. Door prizes for the audience!


    Fishermen’s Showcase Hosted by: Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program Location: Kodiak Harbor Convention Center, Outside
    Join us for the 4th annual Fishermen’s Showcase! This is a friendly competition for Kodiak fishermen to demonstrate their skills and compete for the honor of the most able Fisherman! Competitors complete five skills in timed heats of three contestants, and overall best time takes the title! Skills include: coiling, knot tying, hook throw, rail tie/hitch, and survival suit donning. Prizes will go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and all contestants receive a recognition award for participating.

    New this year is the family-friendly heat where kids can participate in the contest with their parents as a relay team, with kids joining activities based on their skill sets. Knot tying and skill practice will also be available for our young fishermen at the event!

    Pre-registration is encouraged! Sign up at the Chamber of Commerce ComFish registration table; in person with Julie Matweyou ( or Astrid Rose (; or show up at the showcase. Sign up in groups of three if you want to compete with your crewmates or friends!